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Cisco Linksys RTP300 cracked versions with integrated network router PAP2 function call
Linksys RTP300 is a support VoIP phone can broadband router.

Support broadband routing, there are four string mouth.

Another special function is: use of broadband connections to the Internet phone calling function rich!

Two standard telephone interface, can set up two different Internet phone provider, support SIP platform, can also be used to meet ordinary telephone, another one by fax.

This product, the high quality, the high Internet voice service and all the ordinary telephone function compatible: caller id, call waiting, voice mail, etc

Support the most Internet telephone providers (note: voice platform is a SIP, such as Vbuzzer, Voipdiscount, Voipbuster, etc

The world famous brand cisco's company-Linksys quality assurance

No computer, can achieve a clear voice effect. Enjoy the global ultra-low calls.

Use the gateway play Internet phone has the following characteristics:
1. Cisco international brand, quality trustworthy!
2. The phone call from computer network from then on, as normal as call convenient!
3. Just 4 cents per minute, domestic long distance as a dozen! International long distance 1 hair up!
4. Two FXS interface, may meet two common phone or one by common phone one by fax machine, and can also play.
5. Two FXS mouth could separately registered to two different SIP phone network platform, according to their own needs to make more money!
6. Except for Internet phone call the gateway is also a very good small router.
Support VPN penetration, the function such as QoS routing function quite perfect, the performance is excellent.
8. Most support sip protocol network phone platform, such as voipdiscount, voipstunt, voipbuster, voipcheap, lowratevoip, Vbuzzer, small bee, in KuanWang letters, telephone bill low, the effect is excellent!