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As a direct feedback for customer demands, and with years of Internet telephony products manufacturing experience, PLANET has launched the IPX-1000, a new IP extension integration in its Internet PBX system.

With the new IP extension capability, the IPX-1000 is able to provide 2 CO lines (FXO interface, also called outside lines or trunk lines), 4 extension lines (FXS interface, also called inside lines or station lines), and 4 IP extensions for more capacity and installation flexibility

The IPX-1000 is a fully-functional PBX system with extra built-in features, such as auto-attendant, voicemail, VoIP, and various network services. The IPX-1000 provides a solid, uniform platform for both voice communications as well as data network communications. Based on the state-of-the-art embedded technology, the IPX-1000 offers a seamlessly integrated solution for the telecommunication needs in modern times. TheIPX-1000 is an ideal choice of cost saving solution for SOHOs and SMBs. All these telephony ports are analog with no special and proprietary hardware limitations for connections. Furthermore, the IPX-1000's conventional telephony functions are implemented over the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) wiring infrastructure.

The IPX-1000 does not utilize the network for conventional telephony functions, so it adds no load to the network and is not subject to network conditions/failures.

The conventional telephony features such as auto attendant, voicemail with personal greeting message, automatic roll over, call forwarding, CO line usage logging, and toll restriction are offered by the IPX-1000. It not only maintains the existing telephony system, but also introduces the new infrastructure for the communication field. VoIP functions are transparently integrated with the conventional telephony functions in the IPX-1000 design, and a uniform user interface is provided for both conventional and VoIP functions. Besides, the IPX-1000 provides router service, IP sharing (NAT), firewall, DHCP server and QoS support to meet all the demands in your office network.


Key Features

  • IP extension support
    Users may connect up to 4 H.323 IP phones, such as the VIP-103T, to extend the capacity, and establish your SOHO telephony communications with maximum up to 8 extension lines (4 RJ-11 ext. and 4 IP ext.).
  • Distributed VoIP network infrastructure
    Based on the distributed architecture concept, VoIP extensions in the IPX-1000 are off-premises extensions reachable through VoIP peripherals. You can call a VoIP extension by dialing a simple extension number as if you are dialing a local extension.
  • Off-net calling capability, call restriction, call access control
    Off-net Security controls in the IPX-1000 can prevent improper VoIP usage and all incoming Off-net calls with unknown privilege. If the incoming Off-net calls are with unknown privilege, VoIP administrator may ensure the proper usage of your VoIP and save your cost.
  • Replaces old PBX directly without requiring any new wiring to be put in
    Telephony interfaces in IPX-1000 are analog ones, no special or proprietary hardware is required to build the connection; the IPX-1000 saves the total ownership costs for SOHOs and SMBs.
  • Intuitive, ease-of-use web machine management
    The network administrator can configure and manage the IPX-1000 via standard web browser anywhere around the world.
  • VoIP quality with QoS (Quality of Service) support
    With guaranteed bandwidth network QoS management, the IPX-1000 provides superior voice quality in a congested network environment.


LAN 4 (10Base-T/100Base-TX, Auto-Negotiation)
WAN 1 (10Base-T/100Base-TX, Auto-Negotiation)
Telephony ports 6 RJ-11 (4 FXS for extension, 2 FXO for CO/PSTN line connection)
Standards and protocol
Call control H.323
Voice CODEC support G.723.1 ACELP/M-MLQ (5.3, 6.3kbps),
G.729A CS-ACELP (8kbps)
Voice processing Voice Active Detection,
DTMF detection/generation,
G.165/G.168 echo cancellation (ECN) (16mSec.),
Comfort noise generation (CNG),
Gain Control
Internet Sharing
Advanced Function Port mapping, DMZ, policy based firewall, QoS
Management HTTP
Operating Temperature 0~50 degrees C, 10~90% humidity
Power Requirement 12V DC
Network and Configuration
Connection type Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP
Management Web, utility